Trinity United Methodist Charge
Thursday, August 22, 2019

Jerusalem Sunday Bulletin


11th Sunday after Pentecost


August 25, 2019







*Call to Worship                                                                       

L:  Wondering of a twinkling star,

P:  amusement of a scooting lizard,

L:  delight of a fluttering butterfly,

P:  joy at the first lick of an ice cream cone,

L:  exuberance at a knee-high hug,

P:  awe at the sight of a dancing campfire:

L:  those are the ingredients of worship, and the elements of praise.

P:  Child sized. Deceptively simple. Humbly profound.

L:  Let wonder have its way.  Let joy resound.

P:  Here and know.


*Hymn               There’s Something About That Name  2x                    No. 171


Opening Prayer

Heavenly Father, we come seeking to worship you, both in spirit and in truth.  Papa help us to surrender unto you, and feel your love surround us and encompass us.  May we feel your guiding upon us this hour, and throughout this day.  Amen.


Psalter                                                                         Psalm 71:1-6  (UMH 794)


A Time of Praise and Prayer Concerns

Morning Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer


*Hymn                              Lord of the Dance                                           No. 261


Scripture                                                                                 Hebrews 12:18-29


Sermon                              “A Holy Place”                            Pastor Sam Haught


Offering              Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow                  No. 95




*Closing Hymn                Just as I Am, Without One Plea                     No. 357





*Indicates standing if you are able.  Please sign the pew pads.  Thank you.