Trinity United Methodist Charge
Monday, January 27, 2020

Message from Pastor Sam

                                                                        Jesus once again addressed them:  “I am the world’s Light.

No one who follows me stumbles around in the darkness.

I provide plenty of light to live in.”      John 8:12 The Message)


Greetings this Joyous Holiday Season!


     Brothers and Sisters, the celebration of our Lord’s birth is upon us.  I find the Christmas season to not only be a blessed time of year, but also a bit mysterious.  It

seems that people are a bit more friendly and loving.  Maybe there really is something to the “Spirit of Christmas”.  After all, it is indeed a celebration of a Light dawning in a darkened world.


     In the Gospel of John, we are told that Jesus is the Light.  Twenty times, John mentions Light. I find it even more amazing that almost all these times are in direct relation to Jesus being the Light of the World.  In fact, in the above passage, Jesus reminds us that if we are his, we will walk in light.  I believe our challenge in the

World today is to continue to be the light in a darkened world.


     I want to thank you for helping the Trinity Charge be a light to Barbour County and the world around us.  There is some awesome work happening here.  People are seeing the Light through Jesus in many ways and ministries.  We are being the Church, yet, we must continue our faithful journey of Sharing the Light of Jesus around us.


     I recently read an article on what an impact our Christmas Eve service had on a new person in our community.  Think about it, what better night is there to welcome in a stranger than on Christmas Eve.  I believe we miss chances every day to be a witness to the Light that came into the world through Jesus.  How might you share that light with those around you?


     First off, I would ask you to pray for me as your Pastor.  Pray for the Church and its leaders and ministries.  Pray for the community around us. Pray that we continue to share the Light of Jesus in Barbour County that lives may be touched and souls saved.  Finally, remember to support your Church, not only with your prayers, but with your gifts, your presence and your witness.


     May we, the Churches of the Trinity Charge, help others to see the light of Jesus in their lives.


Merry Christmas

Pastor Sam