Trinity United Methodist Charge
Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Jerusalem History

A Methodist congregation has met in the Jerusalem community since the mid-nineteenth century.  Abraham Markeley deeded to Spencer Glasscock, trustee, and others on December 11, 1857, a 1.9 acre tract of land above the road and where the present building now stands.  A building was not constructed at this time, and an old schoolhouse below the road was used by the Jerusalem Methodist Episcopal Church.  Services were held in the old schoolhouse for several years before the land was deeded to Samuel Sturm, trustee, and others on January 28, 1889.

In 1882, the main structure was constructed by Clell Bolton and Benton Hill on the land above the road.  They cut the trees and hewed the sills to ten inch square.  All of the woodwork was planed and hewed by hand.  They had a kiln and kiln-dried the weather boarding.  The roof was king framed and covered with split shingles.  Even the window sashes were made by hand.  All timber and other materials were furnished without cost to the congregation.  The chancel rail was constructed by Ike Lantz.  Later the chancel rail, made by Felix Posten replaced the former one.  The pulpit was made by Ike Lantz about 1900.  The chairs were made by Sam Knapp.  Clell Bolton and Benton Hill contracted to build the structure for three hundred fifty dollars.

The church grounds were used by the Union Army to care for the ill and injured soldiers during the War Between the States.  The earliest date for an organized Sunday School was 1894.  Riley Poling was superintendent and Lucinda Poling was secretary.



Jerusalem United Methodist Church celebrated its 125th birthday on June 23 and 24, 2007.  A Vespers service was held on Saturday evening in the new prayer garden with lots of singing and scripture reading taking place.  We then had a dedication of our new prayer garden.  Reverend Marvin Carr, former pastor of the church, provided beautiful bagpipe music for this event and led the congregation into the church where the program was concluded and refreshments were enjoyed by all.

Sunday morning service was very special with Reverend Craig Michel, providing the morning sermon.  Lunch was prepared for the entire congregation and guests by the ladies of the church.  A beautiful birthday cake was prepared by Kathy Rose and a wonderful replica of the church, made by Agnes Murphy, was the cake topper.  After lunch, a small program consisting of singing and a lot of reminiscing concluded the program for Jerusalem's 125th birthday celebration.