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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Reservation Form--Philippi UMC

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Name          ______________________________
Organization Name     ___________________________________________
Address      ______________________________
Phone          __________________

 Purpose of Request     ________________________________________
Area(s) Requested:
     Sanctuary          Meeting Area          Bridal Dressing Room 
     Fellowship Hall / Kitchen          Classroom
Date(s) Requested:     ______________________________

(If for a wedding, please complete this section)
Name of Officiating Minister     ________________________     Phone______________
(If other than Philippi UMC Pastor, prior approval must be given by the church Pastor)
Name of organist / pianist     __________________________     Phone______________
Name of soloist     _____________________________
Person in charge of event     __________________________      Phone______________

Please note, all non-members must be sponsored by a member of the Philippi United Methodist Church.  When the church facilities are rented by non-members, the sponsor member vouches for the conduct of the renter and assumes responsibility to assure the facilities will be clean and ready for normal use immediately following the event.  Clean up arrangements are to be made before the event by the renter, the sponsor, and the church custodian.  The sponsor must sign the statement of responsibility included in this application.
Name of sponsoring member     _______________________     Phone________________

A $50.00 deposit fee is required with the application.  Upon approval of the application, the deposit fee will be applied to rental fees, otherwise it will be returned.

Signature  of Renter   _________________________________     Date _______________

Rules and Regulations for Use of the Philippi United Methodist Church Facilities
The Administrative Board of the Philippi United Methodist Church has adopted the following rules and regulations for use of the church facilities.
1.  Any organization operating within the framework of the Philippi United Methodist Church may use the facilities free of charge.  Non-members are subject to approval of application by the Administrative Board.  Charges for non-members for use of the facilities are as follows:
     Use of the sanctuary and surrounding areas                    $100.00
     Full use of the kitchen                                                       $  50.00
     Custodian fee                                                                    $  25.00
     Sound system fee (if used)                                                $  25.00
2.  All meetings / functions in the Philippi United Methodist Church must be in accord with the teachings of the church and at no time will there be smoking, drinking of alcoholic beverages, or profanity be permitted on the premises.
3.  Groups / individuals using the Philippi United Methodist Church will be held responsible for the care of all furniture and equipment in the building.  Should damage or breakage of furniture, equipment, or the building itself occur, the renter must replace, repair, or pay for damage.  Persons using the facilities are responsible for the removal of garbage following the event.
4.  Certain kitchen equipment and utensils are the property of the Philippi United Methodist Women and may be used only with their written permission.  When renting the full use of the kitchen, a meeting with a member of the kitchen team will be required in order to know what is available in the kitchen and to learn how the equipment is operated.
5.  All applications for the use of the facility of the Philippi United Methodist Church (with the exception of funerals) shall be decided by the Administrative Board.  All requests must be submitted prior to the monthly meeting of the Administrative Board.
6.  The following statement must be signed by a responsible person, representing the party requesting use of the Philippi United Methodist Church and by a sponsor member, if the applicant is a non-member.  The form must be completed prior to submission of the request.

I, ______________________________________ representing _______________________________ agree to the conditions stated above and hereby assume responsibility for any damage to the Philippi United Methodist Church during the time of preparation for and / or the actual activity of this organization and / or party.
Signature ____________________________Phone___________Date__________
Address _________________________________________________________
Signature of sponsor member  ________________________________________
(A sponsor must be a member of the Philippi United Methodist Church)

Renter's / User's Statement of Agreement and Responsibility
I understand:
1.  That I am renting the facilities which belong to the Philippi United Methodist Church.
2.  That these facilities are not to be abused by myself or my guests.
3.  That I will cover costs related to abuse as determined by the Philippi United Methodist Church.
4.  That the church is to be cleaned and restored for normal church use at the conclusion of the event.
5.  That exceptions to this agreement can be made only in writing, signed by myself, the pastor, or Chair of the Administrative Board or Chair of the Trustees, and attached to this agreement.
I, _______________________________ agree to all conditions stated on this application.  I pledge proper use of the facilities, I will make arrangements for clean up with the custodian, and I will reimburse the sponsor of any cost he or she may incur due to damage or neglect, or misunderstanding related to this event.
Signature  ______________________________
Phone  ___________________  Date__________________

Please submit this form to the Pastor's office as follows:
          Philippi United Methodist Church
          200 Pike Street
          Philippi, WV  26416
If you have any questions, please contact the church office at (304) 457-2025.
Form last updated October 2008.